March 24, 2020

Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesy

Easiest fix ever: changed out the rubber caps on Ludwig's camp stool.

October 29, 2019

Happy Birthday

Happy 46th, a little late, to Ludwig. In case anyone cares, forty-six years is 16,790 days.

Here he is, with the girls in the background, this Summer at Tom Miner.

August 29, 2018

Freak Scene

This 1981 bus with Argentine plates visited the library the other day. Though, interior modifications aside, it came from the factory in Argentina this way, it is still the weirdest bus if not weirdest VW I've ever seen in person...and I've seen Type 34s and Schwimmwagens.

Trust me, it's a weird one.

August 24, 2018

Beartooth Pass

Leaving Sheridan Campground the next day

Rock slide scar

Approaching the treeline

Ludwig and Unnamed 84 Hightop took a break at Rock Creek Vista Point.

That smear of white in the trees below the talus is Wyoming Creek.

She is officially too big to sit on the spare tire anymore.

Cresting the Plateau at about 9700 feet. No more trees.

Leaving Montana at about 10,240 feet (3121 m).

Windswept tundra.

The date was July 22nd. It can snow up there any day of the year.

We explored a meltwater pond not far from the road.

Unnamed 84 Hightop and Ludwig stood guard.

There was a mid-July snowball fight.

That spire back there is the Bear's Tooth itself. 

The road's high point, 10,947 feet.

The descent into Wyoming was very lakey, and not as steep.

Unnamed 84 Hightop leading the way to Cooke City.

At Cooke City the Smaller One and E decided they'd had enough and called for help.

We wrapped up the day with pizza in Gardiner on the way home. Thanks for the great trip, L family!

August 14, 2018

Seatbelt Upgrade

The story goes that Sweden required three-point seatbelts in all cars starting in 1965 or something. Volkswagen's solution, since they didn't want every country to have three-point seatbelts, was to give every bus the threaded holes for the belt's third point, but then only give the better belts themselves to the Swedes. 

In any case, it makes it easier when, 45 years later, you want to install a three-point belt for your too-big-for-a-carseat-too-small-for-a-lapbelt-only 10 year-old.